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Welcome to Claremont Day Nursery

Unlocking Curiosity

About Claremont Day Nurseries

One Step Ahead

Claremont Day Nurseries adheres to a holistic approach of early childhood education. When we expose children to different environments and various learning experiences, we allow them to explore their self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them. Once they leave our Daycare, they’re fully prepared for the next stage of their young lives.

Choices that Matter

The educational programs at Claremont Day Nurseries were created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. Take a look below to learn more about each program.


Full-Time Program

This is the most popular option for our busy parents. 

Kids are dropped off as early as 7AM and picked up as late as 6PM.

If you’re interested in this program, get in touch today to reserve a spot for your child. Feel free to give us a call with any questions!

Claremont Day Nurseries Team

Highly Qualified and with decades of experience.

Click below to see all of our teachers.

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Tom Morabito



Frances Morabito



Annie Morabito

Executive Administrator

Claremont Day Nurseries Mission

Innovative & Responsible

From language and literacy development to social skills and creative expression, the children at Claremont Day Nurseries are constantly being exposed to new activities and environments in which to thrive. We build on the strengths and interests of each child to help build a solid foundation where they can develop their futures. Get in touch to learn more about us.

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